At AccuQuik™, we understand that our distributors want to begin their business venture and start importing our products as soon as possible, and we strive to meet these demands. There are a few requirements that need to be completed before the importation of test kit products can begin. First, our products will need to be registered in the country of the distributor. AccuQuik™ is experienced with product registration and can provide all the necessary support required to open the new distributorship and begin importing our high quality and cost-effective products.

The main responsibility of the Ministries of Health across the globe is to make sure that all of the goods made available to its citizens meet the acceptable standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. Our highly experienced registration department deals with all matters relating to the registration of our test kit products.
Our customers rely on our experience and competent staff to complete product registration effectively and efficiently.
We stick by our customers until the products are approved and importation of our test kits can be initiated.

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Test Kits Registration Process

  • Step 1: Manufacturing Agreement.

    Terms and conditions are simply defined between AccuQuik™ and the distributor. Once in agreement, final approval is attained. This assures that both parties are transparent and clear about their needs and expectations before starting.

  • Step 2: Factory Inspection.

    Occasionally AccuQuik™ products will require registration with a country’s Ministry of Health. Facility inspections may also be required. AccuQuik™ factories welcome official visits and MOH inspections, and we guarantee a close collaboration and value regulatory compliance. AccuQuik™ fully supports these inspections and has ample experience working with inspectors to make sure standards are met.

  • Step 3: Documentation.

    All documents are prepared in order to proceed with the registration process. This step is very important in order to provide the proper registration documentation to ensure the processing time is as quick as possible.

  • Step 4: Packaging Design.

    AccuQuik™ test kit products are made from the highest quality materials and have been designed according to the most recent market research and analysis differentiating our brand from the competition.
    We are aware that every country’s importation needs are different. AccuQuik™ products can be altered to meet specific client requirements.

  • Step 5: Samples.

    Sample testing is required by a large amount of countries.
    AccuQuik™ samples are produced case-by-case specific, depending on the registration requirements of the importing country, pre-tested, and examined to guarantee standard and compliance.

  • Step 6: Registration Completion.

    All necessary documentation, samples, and other required materials are submitted for registration approval to the importing country’s MOH or required health facility.


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Test Kits Registration FAQs

How can I become a distributor of AccuQuik™ products?
Becoming an AccuQuik™ distributor is easy. Our highly experienced registration department will guide you through the registration process step by step, facilitating any additional factory inspections and helping provide all the necessary documentation for importation. To get in touch with our sales and registration department to becoming an AccuQuik™ distributor contact us.
Do I need importing and distributing experience with medical supplies or other similar products to become a distributor of AccuQuik™ products?
No, previous experience with the distribution of medical supplies is not a prerequisite of becoming an AccuQuik™ distributor. However, previous distribution experience and/or an existing distribution will be helpful at the beginning of your distributorship.
What will I, the distributor, have to do for registration and importation?
AccuQuik™ will provide you with all the necessary documents needed for registration. The documentation required for registration will depend on the importing country and the regulations enforced by the relevant authorities, often the Ministry of Health. As the distributor, you will need to use the provided documents to register the products at the relevant authority in your country. Normally a pre-marketing registration approval must be obtained before an import license is granted. If any additional documents are required the AccuQuik™ registration department will help in obtaining them for your purpose. The most important role for the distributor is to maintain good communication with AccuQuik™ so that we can help you through the process to the best of our abilities.
What is the manufacturing agreement?
The manufacturing agreement states the terms, conditions, and specifications of the company-client relationship, and does not appoint other distributors within a territory. We will sign a manufacturing agreement instead of a distribution agreement, as it is better for the distributor because a distribution agreement is rather strict and binds the distributor to many requirements and restrictions.
How long does registration take?
At AccuQuik™ we strive to guide our clients through the registration process as efficiently and effectively as possible. The registration process can take anywhere between weeks and years depending on the regulations of the importing country, and the efficiency of communication between the relevant authorities. Regardless of the time, AccuQuik™ supports customers through the registration process and hopes to significantly reduce this time through various techniques implemented by our highly experienced registration department.
What makes a good distributor?
The best distributors will have a good knowledge of the local market and will fully understand the challenges their customers are faced with. A distributor should be proactive in their market approach and should be able to adapt to shifts in demand in the market. By communicating these changes back to AccuQuik™ we will be able to adapt our products and services to these changes to enhance your distributing capabilities. Ideally, a distributor will establish a product line where the products complement each other. An effective sales and marketing approach is also key to ensuring the distribution channels are targeted efficiently and to establish a high level of competition between the distributor and the final customers. At AccuQuik™ we value our distributors and will ensure proper marketing support is provided to maximize market awareness of the brand.
What distribution channels are most suitable for AccuQuik™ products?
The AccuQuik™ range of products will ultimately end up in the hands of consumers, for whom safety is our highest priority. However, the way in which the products get there depends on the distribution channels established by the distributor. Some of the AccuQuik™ products are only suitable for hospital and clinical use, whilst other products are suitable for home use. This will influence the effectiveness of each distribution channel, and should be considered when deciding which distribution channels are most suitable. The following distribution channels are well suited to AccuQuik™ products:
  • Retail Stores and Other Outlets
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Organizations Promoting Safe Sex
  • Government Agencies and Organizations
  • NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations)

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